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Susie Boyce, Texas
01 September 2016
Winning Operator’s “Symbol of Success” Write-up
What advice can you share on discovering your talent breakthrough?
In September 2016, new Operator John Doe transitioned into a struggling Team, immediately recognizing that his primary focus needed to be operational excellence centered around a positive culture. After those foundations were firmly set, John shifted his focus outward and began expanding the Restaurant’s reach within the Community.
What advice can you share on discovering your talent breakthrough?
when I spent most of my time with the top five leaders, many Team members were not receiving the attention they needed in order to thrive. So I gave each Team member a personality profile and created leadership groups accordingly. These adjustments have helped me understand how to foster growth in each Team member individually.
How do you best inspire care among your Team Members and in Your Community?
For us it’s had to begin at a micro level, within the culture of our Restaurant. Most conflicts between Team members can be resolved when viewed through the lense of our core principles: honor, dignity and respect. Typically, employee relationships become much stronger once they’ve worked together to resolve their differences.

Winning Idea


“Serving local business and Community leaders by leading with food has been an effective way to develop meaningful emotional connections. We’re confident that service is key to continued growth.”
“By representing Chick-fil-A’s Vision-Values both inside your Restaurant and out in the Community, you’re able to make a meaningful impact wherever you are.”

Winning Idea


Susie Boyce

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