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My published articles about my experiences with TBI & PTSD.

The terms Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder meant little to me until January 28, 2013, when I was hit by a car while walking through a parking lot. The subsequent years of recovery have taught me things I never knew I didn’t know. It took about a year for it to sink in that I’d never be the same as I had been before the accident, and about five more years for me to decide that I’d never want to.

TBI: How to Recognize and navigate Post-concussion syndrome

Traumatic brain injuries: How to recognize and navigate post-concussion syndrome...

How to Calm Your mind and Restore your hope during times of stress

Anatomy of a Traumatic brain injury:How to Calm your mind and restore your hope...

TBI: why so much Fatigue and Brain Fog?

Anatomy of a Traumatic brain injury:Why So Much Fatigue and Brain Fog? 2020Susie Boyce,...

Once Upon a Time, there was a mom walking in a parking lot

Traumatic brain injuries: Once upon a time, there was a mom walking in a parking lot...

TBI Resources

National Resources, Health Organizations, Healthcare, Treatment, Self-Care

Brain Injury Association of America

Resource for those who experience brain injury, caregivers, professionals and those who want to help.

Brainline: TBI & PTSD BASICS

Resource for people and children with TBI, caregivers, professionals, military and veterans.

Utah Department of Health

State of Utah, Traumatic Brain Injury Resources, Traumatic Brain Injury Fund, Brain Injury Coaches:  888-222-2542

Brain Injury Alliance of Utah

Utah Non-Profit

U of U: Concussion Program

University Orthopaedic Center, SLC, Utah

U of U: Traumatic Brain Injury

University of Utah Health, SLC, Utah

Intermountain Neurosciences Institute

Murray, UT: Brain and Spine Care

Utah Valley outpatient Center

Provo, UT: Concussion and TBI

Cognitive fx

Provo, UT: Concussion Treatment

True Rest Float spa

Provo, UT: Flotation Therapy

Mindful Movement

Guided Meditation YouTube Channel


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