Who I Am
I was raised in Stillwater Oklahoma and have since lived in Utah, California, Austria (Sound of Music not kangaroos), Maryland, and Texas.

My B.A. in English, German and Secondary Education is from from Brigham Young University, Provo. I spent 18 months abroad in Vienna Austria, taught English and German at the secondary level, and co-owned a learning center.

I love people (most notably my hubby of 25 years and our five kids), reading, writing, traveling, life – sometimes good, sometimes bad, always worth experiencing – and hammock-ing in my North Texas backyard.

For Hire
I’m available for hire as a Content Writer and Speaker (presentations or classes). My clients include corporations, non-profits, community organizations, church groups, schools, et al. Book reviews, personal columns and posts are available on my Life Blog.

My Experience

Forged By



Being the second of eight kids in a family short on money, medium(ish) on quirks, tall on love.


Well Read

Writing excessively before I could write and reading excessively before I could read. And both, still in excess, after



Twenty-five years.



Undergoing significant character transformations during college and while living abroad in Vienna Austria.



Of note: I learn far more from students than they ever learn from me.



Kids. Five.



Several highly unpredictable years recovering from a traumatic brain injury.

Advice: Texting while driving is a terrible idea. You might just run down a mom who’s walking into a grocery store to buy donuts for her son’s twelfth birthday. For example.

Susie is blessed with the ability to aggregate large and complex amounts of information and somehow articulate that information into something straightforward, clever and engaging.

She has the unique ability to unlock what most of us are feeling, but struggle communicating. I would engage her services on any subject for any medium of communication.
Darrin Peterson

CEO and Founder Life Seasons, GEMS Non-Profit Board

I’ve had the opportunity to attend classes and a formal presentation by Susie. I’ve also read a lot of her writing, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. She clearly has a gift with words. Whether it’s in a presentation

or on the written page, Susie is able to capture her audience, keep them engaged, and inspire them to critically think and re-think about things in a different way. Her wit and humor are unparalleled and her passion for teaching is evident in her deliberate and poised delivery. As a reader, I feel like she is able to see inside my thoughts and articulate them in a beautiful way that leaves me feeling understood and validated. And the same is true when she speaks. She is able to make me ponder deeply and laugh out loud, all in one class!
Mackenzie Brasher

Audience Member & Reader, Avid Blog Reader

“I was working with another agency on a project for one its clients (a top QSR chain) when I hired Susie as one of our writers. I first met her as she was looking to relaunch the writing career she had put on hold

to raise her family, and I was impressed by her writing samples—her creativity and her authentic voice. Susie didn’t disappoint; her writing was on target, she met the deadlines, and she is a true professional.”
Carole Siracusa

Creative & Strategic Communications

Susie Boyce

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