Origin story

i was a writer before i could write

At age three, I started scribbling snail mail letters to everyone I knew who lived out of town (Santa). Long story short, I’ve never stopped scribbling.

bookworm and grammar nerd

My path to becoming a writer and teacher was forged by strong bookworm and grammar nerd leanings, and beautifully paved by my 11th grade English teacher, Sallie Walkiewicz, who changed my life by believing in me.

Brain injury / PTSD

The day my life changed forever

The terms Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder meant little to me until January 2013, when I was hit by a car while walking through a parking lot. The subsequent years of recovery have taught me things I never knew I didn’t know. It took about a year for it to sink in that I’d never be the same as before the accident, and about five more years for me to decide that I’d never want to.



I was raised in Stillwater Oklahoma and have since lived in Utah, California, Austria (Sound of Music not kangaroos), Maryland, and Texas — where we settled for almost 20 years.

In August 2019, our family re-relocated to Salt Lake City. Although I’ve loved everywhere we’ve lived, a big part of my heart can be found in Texas.

What I’m Doing Now


Story Writing Courses

Weekly, Online, Small Class Sizes


College Prep Writing Courses

Weekly, Online, Group and Private

  • Professors Don’t Speak Text
  • College Application Essay Writing


Speaking Engagements

TBI / PTSD Journey

Writing / Reading

I’II happily consider and accommodate location and topic requests.

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years in business




Kind Words

Susie is blessed with the ability to aggregate large and complex amounts of information and somehow articulate that information into something straightforward, clever and engaging.

She has the unique ability to unlock what most of us are feeling, but struggle communicating. I would engage her services on any subject for any medium of communication.
thumb_01_60_60 Darrin Peterson

CEO and Founder Life Seasons GEMS Non-Profit Board

I’ve had the opportunity to attend classes and a formal presentation by Susie. I’ve also read a lot of her writing, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. She clearly has a gift with words. Whether it’s in a presentation


or on the written page, Susie is able to capture her audience, keep them engaged, and inspire them to critically think and re-think about things in a different way. Her wit and humor are unparalleled and her passion for teaching is evident in her deliberate and poised delivery. As a reader, I feel like she is able to see inside my thoughts and articulate them in a beautiful way that leaves me feeling understood and validated. And the same is true when she speaks. She is able to make me ponder deeply and laugh out loud, all in one class!
thumb_01_60_60 Mackenzie Brasher

Audience Member and Reader Avid Blog Reader

“I was working with another agency on a project for one its clients (a top QSR chain) when I hired Susie as one of our writers. I first met her as she was looking to relaunch the writing career she had put on hold

to raise her family, and I was impressed by her writing samples—her creativity and her authentic voice. Susie didn’t disappoint; her writing was on target, she met the deadlines, and she is a true professional.”
thumb_01_60_60 Carole Siracusa

Creative and Strategic Communications

Deeper Dive


My own

Husband of 26 years and our 5 kids

Extended Family

Remarkable – and remarkably large


Old and New, Far and Near


Exceptional people I continue to meet and connect with

Avid Fan Of

  Reading Writing
  Hammocking Book Clubbing
  Yoga Walking
  Ice-Cream Traveling

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