Do you have stories begging to be told? Have you been meaning to write them, but always stop at the start? Let me help.

One Story at a Time

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weekly writing challenge: choose one picture from your social media / phone &

write the whole story

expressing big, complex emotions in writing helps you process them and is good for your mental health.

Go deeper into events and interactions between people & how you feel about it.

Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards. (Kierkegaard).

Choose one of these 3 ways to complete this challenge:

      LIST 5 things about the picture. 1 should be            deeper than what you’d normally share.
      WRITE a sentence, a paragraph, a story.
     RECORD your thoughts (video or audio).

A personal history is simply a collection of significant memories from our lives. Collecting and documenting these memories benefits:

OURSELVES – improves mental and physical health

OTHERS – Leaves a legacy for our families and loved ones. 

oct 3, 2022 – Alternate WRITING CHALLENGE

Think of a person you want to develop a more positive relationship with. Then, write: FIVE things you admire about that person, ONE thing that makes is difficult to have a positive relationship with that person, and THREE things you can do now to improve your relationship. When will you do them?  


Write about a memorable vacation / gathering / event from the summer of 2022. Besides the good memories, discuss at least one thing (interaction, event) that was challenging. How do you feel about it? What, if anything, will you do differently as a result?

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     BYU MBA Medical Schools
     Oxford Graduate Programs

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Enroll in one of Susie’s


You’ll choose & write a story: start to finish, soup to nuts.

Bonus: you won’t be going it alone – you’ll have a coach.

It’s easier and much more fun to write your life stories with a little help and accountability.

In this workshop, you’ll be guided through the following steps:

     Brainstorming Themes
     Digging for Details Writing
     Sharing & Publishing Editing

Enrollment Includes:

Four Zoom Classes, 1.5 hr each

Collaborative & Interactive

Writing Inspiration & Tips

Worksheets & Assignments

Goal Setting & Accountability

Daily Writing Prompts

For optimal student experience, class sizes are limited to 10.

$60 per workshop.

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“I loved the depth of this course and the carefully held space where we could bring our voices forward through our writing. I was particularly inspired by my fellow students and it was just the kickstart I needed to establish a practice I intend to continue.”

thumb_01_60_60 #depth #carefully held space #bring our voices forward #inspired by my fellow students

– writing workshop student

Safe Space

Susie’s classes create a safe space to explore the messiness & vulnerability inherent in all our stories. Writing is therapeutic. Once you are able to articulate the details of your stories on paper, they release their hold.


Susie has a BA in English, German, and Secondary Education from BYU Provo. She’s been teaching and writing for the past 25 years. 

Read more about Susie.
Read Susie’s published articles & personal stories.

writing workshops


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Writing Workshop Props

Student Feedback

“Your online writing class was just what I needed to give me the extra push to try to make writing a daily habit. I really liked the worksheets and the suggestions. They helped me with many things I hadn’t thought of.”

#extra push #daily habit #worksheets & suggestions


Writing Workshop Participant

“This class was so much more than I had expected! I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere you created and hearing others’ work.”

#much more than expected #enjoyed atmosphere created #enjoyed hearing others’ work


Posted Story here

“I loved the depth of this course and the carefully held space where we could bring our voices forward through our writing. I was particularly inspired by my fellow students and it was just the kickstart I needed to establish a practice I intend to continue.”

#depth #carefully held space #inspired #kickstart


Posted Story here

The workshop I attended was much more than I expected. Three things stood out:

1: It taught me how to put thoughts down and organize them.
2: It provided a structure and safe accountability for me to continue to work on my story.
3: Most importantly it provided an atmosphere that was encouraging and therapeutic for both writing and support from the people I became friends with as we shared part of ourselves.

I will attend once again. My story may not have been written otherwise, and if it had been, it would not have been as vulnerable because of the people and connections that were made during the process.

Thank you Susie!

#organization & structure #encouraging #therapeutic
#may have not been written otherwise

Posted Story here

“Thank you, Susie! Everything about the experience was a delight!”



Posted Story here

Fall 2020 College and Resume Services

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“While completing my college admission application, I was struggling with the essay portion. Susie was a lifesaver in this department! Not only did she make it fun, she also helped me organize my thoughts and convey them in a way that was clear and concise, and I was just trying to use filler words to meet a number count. Susie helped me rework my stories using helpful tips incorporated with my own experiences to make the essays more applicable and meaningful.”

June, HS Senior

To promote Susie’s effectiveness in application essay review, I’ll point out that I got into all of the programs that Susie helped me with. To prove the authenticity of my feelings about Susie’s assistance, here’s the actual text that I sent her afterwards:

“Thanks so much for your help! I was hesitant at first to open it up to someone else (you of course know how vulnerable it can make someone feel to do that), but you were seriously so awesome and supportive and your ideas were really, really great. The essay is so, so much better because of you. Thanks!”

Cameron, MBA candidate

My Story

“i was a writer before i could write.”

At age three, I started scribbling ‘letters’ to everyone I knew who lived out of town (i.e. Santa). Long story short, I’ve never stopped scribbling.

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