My sincerest thanks go to my friend Stephanie Y for alerting me to the existence of this book.  Words fail to describe how much I enjoyed it.  Like Stephanie, I would give this 4.5 stars (out of 5).  Plus.

My two favorite “What Readers Say” quotes from the back of the book jacket:

“There is such humor and mischief in these pages.  The characters sparkle and Sophy herself is a triumph.”

“Heyer’s brilliant wit and intelligent humor make her work stand head and shoulders above the rest.”

I guffawed and chuckled and outright snorted my way through this book.  Since I primarily read it in the car on a road trip, family members were (understandably) startled and sometimes alarmed with my outbursts.

Think Jane Austen with added hilarity. And, like with all good chick lit, there’s a delightfully happy ending.