When it came to kids, my parents went all out and had eight – five girls and three boys.  Three of the eight siblings (including me) have passed the magic age of 40 after which almost everything health-related seems to go rapidly downhill.  Except, of course, the scale.  A cruel and unjust fate.

Debbie, one of my amazing sisters, has decided to light a fire under anyone willing to stand over it & has come up with a fun plan designed to motivate us to rise up off of our couches to get healthier & maybe even lose some weight over the summer.  All the sisters, my sisters-in-law and my mom are on board.

The men are sitting this one out which surprises me not at all.  Sticks-in-the-mud, the whole lot of ’em.

There are many more complicated and time-consuming plans out there, but none of us will have extra physical or mental energy during the summer so Debbie has come up with what she calls the

1) Exercise 6 days a week
2) Eat three whole fruits & 3 cups of veggies a day
3) No eating after dinner
4) One dessert per week

As a kick-off motivator, she wrote the following poem:

Us Boyces, we all have big buns
Even some of the married-in ones!
So we’ll suffer each day,
Munching bean sprouts and whey
Until ounces replace prior tons.
Awesome.  The laughing should definitely help us shed a pound or two – any additional weight loss will simply be a nice bonus.
Here’s to summer and sisters and buns of all sizes!