Had to share part of email I received yesterday.  It has a very strong opening.  This gal and I are either destined to be best friends or I’ll have to block her from stalking me soon.  (shared with permission)

OK, I just read your blog & I feel compelled to tell you  — I love you. I’m usually not so forward in my first email, but there it is. We are kindred spirits – I am also a mother of 5, I am a fellow bibliophile (I have to step over piles of books to get to my bed… & my kids’ beds, which is OK with me!), I also speak a foreign language (Spanish is MUCH easier than German) & I laughed out LOUD (more than once) reading your blog!
To tell you the truth, I followed some link from Facebook or LDS Living or somewhere & found your entry about the expensive skateboard & a dangling child. So descriptive. So real. So touching. Sometimes we have to think inside the storm drain to help our kids bond. My mob of children are still trying to learn to get along by not touch each other… We’ll get there. I’ll update you in 20 years.

Your admirer (& no, I’m really not crazy… well, having 5 kids in 5 years can do that to you)

My husband’s love letters have lost some spark over the years, so this ardent admiration is refreshing.