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Covid-19 April Journal Prompts

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May 2020 prompts

The Coronavirus Pandemic is unprecedented and will be an important chapter in history. Document your responses to these prompts as an important chapter in your history.


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Prompt #23: Trial & Error Stage of Reopening

“Most researchers agree that reopening society will be a long haul, marked by trial and error.” – Kai Kupferschmidt

Governments are trying to triangulate the:
HEALTH of their citizens, the
FREEDOM of their populations, and
ECONOMIC constraints.

 Of these three, what (if any) do you think should take precedence? Why?

Share personal experiences that have shaped your opinions.

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Prompt #24: What has been scrubbed from your calendar?

What special events or vacations have been scrubbed from your calendar this year? Describe your feelings about the changes.

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Prompt #25: Carefree Summer?

“Warmer weather calls to mind carefree summers — picnics in the park, swimming at the beach, fireworks on the Fourth. But nothing feels carefree now.” – Michael Levenson, Tara Parker-Pope and James Gorman

What are your state’s current recommendations about responsible social distancing outside?

What plans can you make to have a fun summer despite the restrictions?

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April 2020 Prompts

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