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About the Author

I was raised in Stillwater Oklahoma and have since lived in Utah, California, Austria (Sound of Music not kangaroos), Maryland, and Texas.

My B.A. in English, German and Secondary Education is from from Brigham Young University, Provo. I have lived 18 months abroad in Vienna Austria, taught English and German at the secondary level, co-owned a learning center, tutored, edited, taught writing workshops, and been a presenter.

I adore people (particularly my hubby of 26 years and our five kids), reading, writing, and traveling. Beaches and mountains are my favorite and best sources of inspiration, solace and renewal.

A Child’s Hope Foundation

Ten percent of all proceeds from SusieBoyce.org are donated to A Child’s Hope Foundation. This organization is terrific. Outstanding. The bee’s knees. Phenomenal. Rather than waste your time with more adjectives, may I suggest you check it out?

Our family spent a week over Christmas near Tijuana at one of the orphanages and – cliche’ as it may sound – it basically changed our hearts.