Author: Susie Boyce

The Facebook Conundrum

Facebook and I have been together now for about six months. We have a love/hate relationship. Really, people, who cares that you ate Cheerios for breakfast? On the other hand, I do care that someone just had a baby, or what...

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Backpack Battle

BACKPACK: (1) A convenient method for transporting school books and supplies back and forth between home and school ( – Mom) (2) A social and fashion statement that also transports school books and supplies back and forth...

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A Big Fat Enormous Lie

Marjorie Sharmat wrote a fantastic picture book by this title, and I can’t for the life of me think of a better title for this post, so hopefully Marjorie, if she ever reads this, will agree and grant me post-publishing...

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Holy Boxers!

The two tall, gangly teenage boys were walking a dog at a park. Harmless enough, to be sure, but I couldn’t stop staring on account of their underwear. The first boy had a slight discrepancy between his actual waist and where...

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