by Julia Pratt (who articulates in this poem exactly the way I feel)

We look in the mirror.
            You ask, “Is this outfit alright?
                        Is it too tight?”
Suddenly I see
            A shadow of me
                        Two decades ago.
Is it your asking eyes,
            Your pinched brow,
                        Or the way you stand?
I don’t quite know.
            But in you, I catch a glimpse
                        Of the forgotten me.
We would have been best friends!
            I’d never have to say
                        “No you can’t wear that”
                        “Clean your room”
                        “Get off the phone!”
We would have talked for hours
            And shared out secrets,
                        And I would have kept those
                        Secrets a secret. . . .
And I will now
            If you give me the chance.
We would have “hung out” together
            For we enjoy the same things,
                        Some of which I can’t do now-
But if you invite me,
            We can still have fun.
We would have laughed together.
            And you know,
                        We need to do more laughing.
Sometimes it all gets too serious.
We are not identical.
            Our differences would have offered
                        Variety and interest.
Let’s not let our differences
            Divide us now.
Because in two decades or so
            You’ll stand at the mirror
                        With your daughter. . .
And her outfit will be too tight.
            And you’ll hope she understands
                        And knows that you love her.
And then you’ll call your best friend
            For advice-
                        And it will be me.