The car drive from Utah to Texas was especially exhausting for me due to the glowering, the sulking, and the word “ridiculous” (repeated at least a thousand times) emanating from the back seat, where Kirsten (age 14) happened to be sitting. The bulk of her woes stemmed from having to leave all of her friends behind in Utah.
The complaints continued into the first week of our being here. Grandma Boyce heard them. Grandma – bless her – has a long, impeccable memory.
“Kirsten, remember when I came to visit two years ago, about a month after you had moved to Utah? I mentioned how unbelievable it was that so many friends were calling you already. You looked at me and said, and I quote: They’re not my friends, Grandma. They’re my acquaintances. All my real friends are back in Texas.”
Kirsten is never at a loss for words.
She was at a loss for words.
Currently spending a week in Utah with her acquaintances, Kirsten just called me last night, begging to extend her stay.